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Minimum stay:
The minimum length of stay is 3 adjoining nights. In the period of 19 december 2016 until 1 january 2017 is the minimum length of stay 1 week.
Departure and arrival:
On the arrival day the villa is from 15:00 hours at your disposal. On departure day you must leave the villa before 11:00 hours.
The deposit is € 250, - per period of residence.

Reservation and payment:
You can take an option for the desired period for up to 10 days. The reservation is final, if within this period the first part of 25% of the total rental amount is received on our account and we have received the signed rental agreement. The remaining part of the rental amount and the deposit of € 250 must be paid and received on our account, at the lastest 6 weeks before the first day of the reserved period of residence. If the first part of 25 % is not paid within the period of option, the option lapse and we are free to rent the villa to another party. If the remaining part of the total rental amount and the deposit of € 250 is not paid timely, your final reservation expired without the restitution of the first part paid of 25 %.
If no damage has occurred during your stay and not abnormal high energy is lost (this is to the discretion of the lessor) the deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks after the last day of your rental period. If the damage caused by you, exceeds the € 250 deposit, the difference must be paid in cash before you leave the villa.

In case of cancellation for any reason, you will be due the following cancellation fee, which should be made known by the tenant in writing to the lessor:
- Up to 4 weeks before the start of the rental period: 25 % of the total rental amount is treated as the cancellation fee;
- After 4 weeks before the start of the rental period: the full rental amount is treated as the cancellation fee.
We advise all tenants a cancellation insurance.
The given description of the accomodation and its surroundings are personal and subjective and therefore no liability in case of this is accepted by us, the lessor, for the descriptions and impressions. Tenant withdrawns the lessor for claims of third parties in business damages to persons of goods of any kind and the tenant need to shut down her own travel insurance.  
As previously indicated we urgently advise you a timely cancellation insurance and travel insurance. A standard health insurance is often not enough.

Others and additional practical information:
Registration in the village
The local police wants to be aware of who are staying in the village of Kayuputih, all guests must be registered. Therefore it is usefull to take a copy of your passport. This you can hand over to our villa manager. If you don't have a copy the villa manager can take your passport just along for the registration.
Travel documents
Passport should be valid at least 6 months at departure. Further, we advise you to take your  medical passport (as recent as possible) along also. Visa (for a maximum stay of 30 days) on the spot upon arrival at Bali costs ca. 30 euro per person. As a tenant you must check yourself which Visa and further travel documents are necessary.  
For possible-mandatory-vaccinations you should timely turn to your familydoctor and or GGD/ other applicable authority. For this you are obviously as a tenant responsible yourself.
Departure tax
At departure from the airport of Bali tax schould to be paid per person 200.000 Rp. (ca. 15 euro's).
Phone calls
It is most profitable to buy a SIM card to the spot, you can also call and send sms-messages cheaper to other countries.
The lessor reserves the right to change its conditions interim, except subject to reserve changes in case the already final reservations.
On Bali energy and water are scarce. Therefor we ask you also on behalf of the local people your understanding and would greatly appreciate to keep into account by, for example, the aircondioners not or to use as little as possible during the day and with prefer not wasting water.  
It is forbidden to smoke in the villa and pets are not allowed.